The Corporate Tax registration in the UAE region is discussed in today’s blog.

Businesses in the UAE are subject to corporate tax. They must register and get a tax registration number. Applicants must register with the Federal Tax Authority.

Taxable businesses must file a tax return with the FTA. That shouldn’t be later than nine months after the financial year ends.

The parent companies of tax groups should file one tax return with the tax authority. They can do this on behalf of the whole group.

The FTA may also need certain exempt persons to register for corporate tax.

Time Estimated to Complete Application by the FTA

FTA processes applications within 20 business days of receiving them. But, in some cases FTA may take a longer time to process the application. This is especially true when the FTA needs more information. Then the applicant needs to provide more information and re-submit the application. It may take the FTA at least 20 business days to respond to the updated application. The resubmission of the application has to be within 60 calendar days. That is from the date you received notification from FTA. If not, the application will be rejected.

Required documents and forms for Corporate Tax registration

If the applicant is a natural person:

● Trade license, where applicable
● Emirates ID / Passport of the applicant

In case of application, if it is a legal person.

● Trade license
● Emirates ID / Passport of the authorized signatory
● Authorization proof for the authorized signatory.

Procedures and steps for Corporate Tax registration

Step 1 : The first step to for Corporate Tax registration is to create an account on the Emaratax portal by registering with your email ID and Phone number. You can also login using your existing ID and password.

Step 2: Enter your taxable person information. You can also select the relevant taxable person from the taxable person list.

Step 3: You will find the option to register for Corporate Tax. Please select this option for registration.

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