A VAT certificate in UAE is a legal document that the Federal Tax Authority provides to confirm that your business is officially registered for VAT. 


  • Upon receiving a VAT certificate in UAE, it is always recommended to be printed and laminated in the office. This is to ensure easy access, authenticity, and identification. 
  • A VAT Certificate in UAE should be produced for the concerned authority at the time of KYC. 
  • As a trader on online platforms such as Noon, Amazon, you need to update the TRN number to issue a Tax Invoice.
  • A VAT certificate in UAE is presented to vendors/customers to prepare a detailed tax invoice.

A VAT certificate in the UAE includes:

  1. Your business’ unique VAT number

The Federal Tax Authority certifies an entity as a Registrant or registered person for Value Added Tax in the UAE. It does this by issuing a 15-digit identification number displayed on the tax certificate.

  1. The Legal Name (In Arabic & English) & the registered address and contact number 

The details are given at the time of registration

  1. The registration effective date 

The date from which VAT needs to be charged on VAT applicable sales or the Entity is obliged to issue a Tax Invoice to the customers.

  1. Details of when to submit your business’s first VAT return 

The due date for filing your first VAT return is mentioned on the Tax Certificate. To ensure timely filing, please calculate, report and pay your due VAT (if any) to the Authority before the due date of every quarter to eliminate penalties for late VAT filing and VAT payment.

  1. Standard tax period 

The tax year refers to 04 VAT Return Quarters

  1. Date of issue 

The date the certificate was issued. It helps you understand that the relevant information in the FTA portal is up to date. 

  1. Version Number 

The number helps you understand how many times you have amended the details in the FTA portal. To ensure that the FTA portal is up to date, please update any changes to the data provided during registration within 20 business days. This is done by submitting a VAT Amendment request for the following reasons:

A. Trade License Renewal

B. A change in company address

C. A change in authorized signatory details

D. Passport and Emirates ID renewal for Authorized Signatories. 

E. Any other relevant data

A tax-registered business will need to display its VAT number on VAT invoices. This is for your customers, so that they can see that your business is an official VAT collector and is registered with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). It is necessary for companies to mention this number in the various documents set by the government such as VAT Return Filing, Tax Invoice (To know more about Tax Invoices in the UAE Region, click on, Tax Credit Note (To know more about Tax credit notes in the UAE region, click on, as it will allow the government to keep track of all transactions made by a business or an individual.



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