In this blog, we discuss documents required for VAT registration.

Each applicant must prepare the following documents required for VAT registration. Also they must include these in their online application:

• Valid trade license(s)

• Passport/Emirates ID of the authorized signatory(s)

• Proof of authorization for the authorized signatory(s) – (MOA/POA)

• Contact information

• Bank letter validating the applicant’s bank account details (If applicable)

• Articles of Association/Partnership Agreement (if applicable)

• Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable for a Legal Person)

• Customs details (if applicable)

Similarly, depending on the basis on which you are registering, other relevant documents may include:

• Monthly turnover/expense declaration for the specified period. In addition, ensure the authorized signatory signs and stamps it. Also the signature should be on the entity’s printed letterhead.

• Supporting financial documents (e.g., invoices/LPOs/contracts/)

Accepted file types are PDF, JPG, Word and JPEG. The individual file size limit is 5MB.

Government Charges for VAT Registration?

There are no government charges for VAT registration in the UAE.

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