In 2017, ADS International Auditors LLC emerged, extending premier consultancy services to esteemed patrons spanning the landscapes of the UAE and UK. Subsequently, ADS Management Tax Consultancy materialized in 2019, followed by ADS Management Tax Consultancy LTD in 2022, both operating as integral arms of ADS International Auditors LLC. At ADS, we have firmly entrenched ourselves through the delivery of exemplary services within a dynamic and evolving industry. We diligently cultivate and refine our personnel to adeptly address the varied requisites of our clientele. Our spectrum of offerings encompasses comprehensive consultancy in Corporate Taxation, Value-Added Taxation, Excise Taxation, Anti-Money Laundering, Economic Substance Regulations, Accounting Services, and Financial Audit Services.


Dubai’s Top-Rated Tax Consultancy

Why ADS ?

  • We provide outstanding customer service and effective strategic resolutions.
  • Our team possesses an extensive background in furnishing clarity, expertise, and pioneering concepts to enterprises of diverse dimensions.
  • As an innovative establishment, we continuously adjust to the dynamic business landscape.
  • We adhere to the principles we advocate.

Your Time is Valuable

  • At ADS, we prioritize cultivating meaningful relationships over mere transactions with our clients.
  • We prioritize visiting your business premises and offering cloud solutions to streamline financial management processes, thereby saving you valuable time and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Recognizing the significance of time to our clientele, we endeavor to remain accessible and promptly respond to inquiries within the same day.
  • Our commitment is to serve as your collaborative partners, dedicated to fostering the growth and success of your enterprise.

Meet Our Team of experts

CA Mashhooda Khan

Chartered Accountant

Dhakshay B Chandran



Neeta Sawant

Chartered Accountant

Team Work

We facilitate mutual success through collaborative efforts, guided by the belief that the whole surpasses the sum of its parts. When confronted with challenges, we engage in rigorous deliberations to identify solutions, assume collective accountability for our actions, and execute as a cohesive unit. Acknowledging the importance of our clients’ time, we endeavor to maintain accessibility and promptly address any missed communications within the same day. We function as strategic partners in fostering the growth and prosperity of your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

ADS Experience

Our clients say they are satisfied, happy, and highly recommend ADS any day! We have always strived to provide our clients with an excellent team experience.

Strong Client Relationships

Our clients often say that our punctual responses are a significant relief for them. We ensure you never have to worry about any delays. Our employees are highly professional and pleasant to deal with. We promise you our friendliness, helpfulness, politeness, customer centricity and on time delivery. Tight follow ups, ensuring excellent customer service and courteousness is a promise from us to you. We are always acting in our customers’ best interests.

Effective Communication

Based on the experiences our existing clients have had with us, we promise you prompt, quick turnaround, efficient, on time, clear and timely communication from us every time!

Excellent Team

As a team, we possess a high level of depth, and have demonstrated that we have a deep understanding of the subject matter, a good level of domain knowledge, and the ability to work efficiently, professionally, and quickly. Our clients vouch for our reliability, well-trustworthiness, well-organized and accurate nature, as well as our meticulous attention to detail.

Great Affordability

Our clients affirm that they receive exceptional value for their money while engaging with our services. We maintain reasonable prices so that you can meet your needs in a trustworthy and economical manner that you have always wanted. As we promise, we will provide you with a high level of value for your money and cost effectiveness.

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